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Bring the Knight to Life

Schunke Insurance Agency is looking to bring it’s “Knight” to life. We are reaching out to the local high schools in the area and asking for their input. All high school students are asked to create a short video with the knight that demonstrates it’s values of protective, trustworthy and dependable.

This is a great opportunity for videomakers of all skill levels to help brand the Schunke Agency and its mascot the Knight.


Make a 15 or 30-second video that brings the Schunke Knight to life.

The creative approach you take on this assignment is at your discretion. A serious approach could be taken to highlight the qualities of the knight and the agency

On the other hand, a funny approach could also be taken to highlight the lighter side of the Schunke Insurance Agency and its mascots, the Knight.

While the creative direction you choose is up to you, be mindful that Schunke Insurance wants these videos to serve effectively for branding purposes, so they should represent the Schunke Knight, agency and its qualities in a positive manner.

Judging criteria:

·         Content: How original, practical, and or/inspirational is the message?

·         Creativity: How engaging, amusing, or effective is the presentation?

·         Clarity: How clear and understandable is the instruction or message?


There will be one winner.

The Schunke Insurance Agency will give a $400 scholarship award to the winner. The agency will directly submit the check to the student’s college choice.


You are eligible to enter this Contest if you meet the following requirements at time entry:

·         You are a student currently enrolled in high school and in your senior year and.

·         You are 16 years of age or older at the time of entry. (If you are 16 of age or older, but are considered a minor in your place of residence, you should ask your parent’s or legal guardian’s permission prior to submitting an entry into this Contest.)

·         You are NOT an employee of Schunke Insurance, Yumm Yogurt Spot or Just Pizza. 

·         You are NOT involved in any part of the administration and execution of this Contest.

·         You are NOT an immediate family (parent, sibling, spouse, child) or household member of a Schunke Insurance, Just Pizza or Yummy Yogurt Spot employee or a person involved in any part of the administration and execution of this Contest.

Video requirements:

·         Formats: asf, avi, dvd, flv, mp4, psp, mjpeg, mov, mpeg, mpegts, mpeg2video,

·         Max length: 30 seconds seconds

·         Max size: 50MB


1.      Ten (10) entries per person are accepted.

2.      Your entry must be your own original work.

3.      You must have obtained any and all consents, approvals or licenses required for you to submit your entry.

4.      Your entry must not otherwise violate the rights of any other person by using their names, likeness or images without their express written consent.

How to enter?

1. Submit your video to knight@schunkeins.com or a link to your YouTube video

2. Be sure to include your name, high school, birthdate, and address.

3. Submit your video anytime between October 22, 2014- December 15, 2014

4. The winner will be announced on January 5th.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at knight@schunkeins.com