Personal Lines

Car Insurance

Would you want your mechanic in the kitchen cooking you dinner? I wouldn’t. So why should you be expected to know what the correct coverage’s for your car and it passengers are.. Let us explain the right coverage’s to you.

Homeowner's Insurance

If your policy is paid by your bank out of escrow you better double check you premium. Your coverage should increase every year to keep up with the rise in construction costs. We review every homeowners policy so the cost doesn’t sky rocket for the proper coverage.

Renter's Insurance

Did you know we can combine your renters coverage with your car insurance? The savings almost pays for the whole renters policy so it’s like getting it for free.


Cycle insurance is not the same as car insurance. There are optional coverage’s that you are not required to have, but you should buy them. don’t wait for a claim to find out you are not covered.

ATV, Boat & Personal Watercraft Insurance

You have different options when covering your toys. You can add them to your homeowners policy or get a separate policy for them. We have multiple companies to offer you all of those options.