Commercial Lines


We have a special program for your workers compensation coverage that will pay you back a dividend at the end of the year. This program is offered to a variety of restaurants, so call us to see if you qualify. Did you know you could combine your liability coverage and your liquor liability coverage? If you do so you could save a lot of money and still get the coverage you need.

Convenient Stores & Gas Stations

We can provide competitively priced coverage for all stations, even the ones that are open 24 hours.


Did you know certain companies specialize in pizzeria’s. We have 3 different companies that have specialty programs for your business. Let us make those 3 companies compete for your coverage.


Are you getting your money’s worth? Most companies will offer offices a bundle of coverage’s at no additional cost. Let us review your coverage.


Did you know Companies may charge you based on how many workers you have or by how much payroll you have? We can check both ways to see to see which way is the most beneficial to you.


Do you know what your policy does not cover? Not every policy is the same and many contractors policies have a lot of exclusions in them.


Make sure you have the right coverage. Many policies have specific exclusions for snowplowing. Make sure your policy covers you properly.